Thursday, May 1, 2008


Despite my lack of interest in feet as fetish objects, the fact that the feet of Palanca's models play such a "large" part in almost all of his art doesn't at all deter me from being fascinated by his talent or his sense of humor. The deep intense colors of his drawings and his firm, sure hand are a big part of the attraction, but the down-to-earth grittiness of the men he draws fascinates me just as much.

He'll draw on anything - opened cardboard boxes, random slips of paper, engagement calendars - don't be surprised to find a drawing that's on two or three pieces of paper stuck together, when one just wasn't big enough. I don't know if that's a matter of a poor artist making use of whatever supplies he can get his hands on, or if he just gets inspired and has to draw on whatever he can find before he loses his muse. But whatever the reason, it works for me.

I like Palanca's attitude, as well. He seems down to earth, honest and eager to share his love of men, art and feet with as many people as he can find. He spends a lot of time describing his muses and his methods on his site (there's even a video of his sketching technique.) Despite that fact that English is not his native language (he's originally from Peru), he manages to communicate well enough to get his point across. And his drawings don't need any help at all to be understood.


Note: Click on the images to see the full sized pictures. Just be aware that some of these are very large.









Fuck You!

Go Ahead, Make My Day.


Veiny Dick


Chris in XTC

His Website: PalancaFeet!
Unfortunately, parts of his website exceed their data transfer limit on a regular basis. I've waited for several days now, hoping his Drawings Pages would come back up, but I've put this post off long enough already, so I'm linking you to the site, anyway. You can see a handful of his drawings on the main page, in any event - and there are some good sized collections below, so you can still see plenty of his art. Bookmark the site - it will be back. Just wait a few days.

Art for Sale through The Tom of Finland Foundation :
Palanca's Art Page 1
Palanca's Art Page 2

Delftboys Free Pages:
Palanca's Page

Supermarky's: Museum Palanca
There are several other drawings by Palanca throughout the site - as well as some rather amusing photos of Palanca and Supermarky dressed for Haloween. Check out the whole site.


Fools For Feet - For the next couple of days (through May 3rd, 2008), Palanca's art will be shown at an exhibition featuring a number of well-know artists at the Antebellum Gallery in Hollywood — known as the only fetish art gallery in America (and perhaps the world.)


A critics view of Palanca's art - Scroll down to the yellow highlighted areas for the paragraph on Palanca. It was written some time ago, so she's behind the times on his whereabouts - he's now living in Los Angeles. But other than that, I think she has a pretty good grip on his art. I especially like the last line of her paragraph on him. Very appropriate.

All images © Palanca.
I just admire the art.


Palanca Feet said...

hi I'm Pedro Palanca, I wish to know you, Well my site is a bit slow to update (sorry I am the slow one) but I have some new drawings. Also I am creating a personal blog, trying to invite people who likes erotic art or artist themselves; besides I am planning to create another blog dedicated to post pictures of men and their feet but it will be in a future I guess. My blog is
Thanks for posting! Wish to know about you! Hugs

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