Monday, February 25, 2008

Oliver Frey - aka Zack

My current favorite erotic artist, and the one who prompted me to go ahead and take the steps to make this blog. Incredible detail, exquisite coloring, intense expressions on the characters faces, and situations that turn my crank in more ways than one. What more could a person ask for?

Oliver Frey has illustrated many types of books and magazines, a fair amount of scifi and fantasy, and lots and lots of gay erotica. Lots of boys in peril - usually from dangerous older men - forced into situations they can't control, or with libidos they don't want to control... It takes my breath away. Just stunning.
The Long Arm of the Law

Fun in the Park

Shower Love

Wild on Wheels
New Recruit

Winner Takes All


Here's the Wikipedia entry on Oliver Frey - also known as Zack. His work is featured on Gay-Toons.Com - a pay site, but you can find his work on many blogs and sites if you look hard enough.

Here are the main sites I came across:
Arrumako's Frey Tag
Zack Month on Meatcute
Area51SU - Rogue Collection & Pulp Fiction Covers Collection
FairView's Frey Links
Yahoo's Oliver Frey Groups


All images © Oliver Frey
I just admire the art.