Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Benoit Prévot

Benoit Prévot's art is unique in many ways, but the most recognizable is his use of a 20's and 30's style and attitude, with it's emphasis on a way of life that no longer really exists, and a strong Art Deco flair. According to his interviews and bios, he is fascinated by those decades, and the larger than life stars and personalities who populated them. It sets his art apart, and gives it a feel all of it's own.

But what I like even more about Prévot's art is his sense of humor and the expressive faces of his characters. His humor can be very subtle, so it's worth taking a minute or two to look closely at his drawings, and check out the details. Phallic symbols abound, and even though there may be nothing in the actual figures he draws that is even suggestive, if you glance at the shadows on the wall, you may see an entirely different picture. The first time I looked at "Wine Fueled Imaginings," I almost didn't even notice the figures tumbling out of the carafe - I was too busy concentrating on the fascinated look on the face of the man pouring the wine.


Note: Click on the images to see the full sized pictures.

La Fontaine de Jouvence
(The Fountain of Youth)

Wine Fueled Imaginings

The Falling Rose

The Golden Dildo

His website: Benoit Prévot: Illustrateur

His Blog: Pourquoi Dessiner? (Why Draw?)

Duplex Bar Exhibit: Drawings from 2005

Homoerotic Art Museum: The Benoit Prévot Room

The Male Vagabondage Blog: Benoit Prévot Post

Meatcute Blog's many Prévot Posts: here, here, here and here.

The Tom of Finland Foundation's Galleries: Duel

Prévot lives and works out of Paris, as an illustrator and graphic artist in advertising, as well as working in TV in children's cartooning. But for our purposes, his other main focus is in Adult Comics. He has two comics out in France: Angelface #1 & #2. From what I read on his blog, Angelface #1 is coming out in English soon, but no date was given.

Angelface #1
(Click to enlarge)

I found two sites that sell both Angelface comics, but both of them are in French. It doesn't look like #1 is available for pre-orders in English yet.

H&O Editions (the publishers of Angelface)

You can use BableFish or Google Translate if you'd like to get an idea of the plot of the comics. Neither are great translations, but you can get the idea.

All images © Benoit Prévot.
I just admire the art.

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Palanca Feet said...
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Palanca Feet said...

I met Benoit in person, he's very humble. His art is too elegant, his characters seem like taken from the male movie divos from the 30s and 40s, impecable looks and dresses, I love the kind of ole fashion berets (?) that are too classic. Also I love the drawing of the rude man modelling his big rounded buttocks for the artist who needs to draw women's breasts. Cheers to Benoit Prevot!