Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Olaf [Odegaard]

I think the single most identifying mark of Olaf's work was his fascination with Satyrs and mythical creatures. Olaf explains in his book, "Beasts and Beauties" the reason he focused on Satyrs in many of his drawings and paintings: "In the seventies, I saw the Satyr as the perfect symbol of gay men in that period. In Greek myth, satyrs bring joy and love into the lives of men."

Olaf was capable of capturing the sensuality and power of a man, no matter what setting he chose to put them in, and that's one of the things I particularly like about his art:

"I praise the beauty of masculine men in my art, of their grace, of the passion of their sexuality. Of the peaks and valleys of their fleshscape. Of their raw power. Of their gentle kindness. Of love between men. Of their hardness of body, the wealth of hair on their chest and bodies, of their sense of companionship."

- from Beasts & Beauties: The Erotic Art of Olaf


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The Drifter

The Coach


Western Suite

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Olaf's Self Portrait
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Olaf's book Beasts and Beauties can be found here.

Olaf Odegaard's Obituary
(from the Tom of Finland Foundation's Newsletter: The Dispatch)

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I just admire the art.

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