Monday, April 14, 2008

Xavier Gicquel

Xavier Gicquel favors rugged men, big and hairy, often with huge, oversized cocks. They're blue collar, working men: mechanics, plumbers, construction workers, truck drivers, cops, military men. And when they play, they play in Dungeons, the back rooms of bars and men's latrines - the sex rough and kinky, full of leather and rubber, bondage, fisting and watersports.

But despite the broad strokes with which Gicquel paints his men, they are not all stereotypes. You're just as likely to find a big, hairy guy wearing a leather collar and lead holding a puppy in his arms, or a man in leather chaps and a hairy ass with a string of pearls around his neck. His first book, produced in 2006, was titled "Rough n' Queeny" and it seems a rather accurate description of his art.

Gicquel started out as an illustrator for fashion design, and you can see those roots when you look closely at his art. It's there in the design of the wallpaper some guy is getting fucked up against, the intricate detail of a biker's tattoo or the bricks in the wall of the backroom of some grungy bar. His colors are bright and in your face, and his subject matter runs the gamut of sexuality. Pretty much the only thing you won't find in his work are twinks. That's not his style.


Note: Click on the images to see the full sized pictures.

Bear in Red Shorts

Army and Navy

Le Videur
(The Bouncer)

Hot Dog - or -
What's the Best in French Police

The Dungeon

Cowboy Boots

Paradis Perdu (Paradise Lost Series):
A la recherche du temps perdu
("Remembrance of Things Past")


Back of the Bar

Leather and Pearls

Website: Xavier Gicquel Illustrateur

More Artwork: Triangulere Artist's Galerie - Xavier Gucquel
(Trianqulere is an annual French publication focusing on gay culture.)

Note: You can use Google Translate to get an automatic translation of the above, or any, webpages. They aren't the best translations, but you can usually sort it out if you put a little thought into it.

I found most of his art at those two sites, but there were a few other places with some good sized pieces of art and decent but short articles about Gicquel, as well as one interview that is probably much better in the native French, but still gives some interesting insight to the artist and the man.


Tom of Finland Foundation's Art Gallery: here and here.

The Queer Art Blog: Fag and Fuck, New Exhibition, Rough n' Queeny

The Gay Comics List: Rough n' Queeny


Zoneros: Xavier Gicquel
(a rough translation)

His Book:

Rough n' Queeny

On March 31, 2007 the French Rubber Club Mec En Caoutchouc (M.E.C.) held their second annual Rubber Contest. Four men competed for the title and when the results were tallied, the winner was Xavier Gicquel. For more on this event you can view their April 2007 newsletter in pdf form.

All images © Xavier Gicquel.
I just admire the art.


Anonymous said...

Well first, congratulations, this new blog is such a great idea ! I really like it.

For the translation of "A la recherche du temps perdu", it's a reference to the original french title of Marcel Proust's book "In Search of Lost Time" or, sometimes titled "Remembrance of Things Past". ^^ Don't worry if you don't know him, I'm french and have never read Proust either.

Anonymous said...

Hi! nice blog, some of the art is really worth watching ^^.
About the "à la recherche du temps perdu", of course I agree with echelon-ga-l, it's the title of a well known book in France. The autor, Marcel Proust was gay, and his novels revolve mostly around all-gay characters. Anyway, it's hard-reading, full of cultural references. Proust was a thinker, and it is recommended to be read in college by any student studying french literature.
Hope to see more great art!! Good luck.