Sunday, March 9, 2008

Michael Kirwan

I'm fascinated by Michael Kirwan's art. I think part of the reason is that his subjects are not models, or part of the "beautiful people" set. They're very imperfect - very real - very human. His subject matter ranges from "everyday" gay erotica to the fairly kinky: he doesn't shy away from subjects on the edge of respectability like infidelity, spanking and discipline, underage sex, intergenerational sex, water sports, incest and violence. And I love his style - the colors in his art really attract my attention.

I can't tell you how hard it was to pick out a dozen or so pictures from the over 800 he has posted on his site. That's right: I said over 800. And most of them are gay oriented. He does have some het on site, since he did a fair amount of illustrating het sex before his gay art became popular enough to support him. Kirwan has done some professional photography of nude and semi-nude men as well, which is also available on his site.

Note: Click on the images to see the full sized pictures.

Cock Shadow on Face

Careful Whispers

Waiting His Turn

Little Bro

My Wife Won't Do This


Coach's Office

Mugged Jogger

Chef's Specialty

Ass Eating


Rub Off

Golden Boy

Shower Fantasy

Wrestling with Dad

Michael Kirwan's Website

I didn't see much of his art elsewhere, but everything I did see, I also found on his site, so I think this link is plenty. He also writes gay erotica as well as his photography, so there's plenty to see on his webpage. Check him out.


All images © Michael Kirwan.
I just admire the art.

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