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It seems strange to call Minoru's art "subtle" when you consider his subject matter is big hairy guys, but that's the word that usually springs to my mind. His drawings are precisely rendered, and he captures his subjects in fine detail that still catches me by surprise on occasion, despite how long I've admired his work. His subtle use of color indicates restraint and control, wrapped up in the powerful bodies he portrays.

I've included one watercolor in this batch - he doesn't do many, at least not that I've seen, but it's one of my favorite pieces of his. You can see several oil paintings on his site that head in the other direction - strong use of color that compliments his chosen subject matter. I didn't use any here though, because the watermarks were so prominent on those. Unfortunately, most of his work has prominently placed watermarks, so I was limited in what I could post. But I managed to get some of my favorites in this batch - pay special attention to "Pinky Fuck," "The Urinal" and "Sleepy."

Note: Click on the images to see the full sized pictures.

In Leather

Rich #1


Santa #1
(He's got a thing about Santa -
there are several more on his site.)

Chocolate Squat

Pinky Fuck

Life #3 - Christian

Pit Stop

Santa #2



The Urinal

Minoru's Web Site: Art by Minoru

I first found Minoru's art in The Tom of Finland Foundation's Galleries, and I liked the few pieces I found there well enough that I went looking for more. Not too many other places on the web have it - at least, not that I could find. There's a fair amount of it on his site, but at least three of the pieces I have here are not found there. Unfortunately, I didn't mark my source when I found them several years ago - so I have no idea where else to look for them, now. If I find that source again, I'll add it to the list.


All images © Minoru.
I just admire the art.

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